Data sources

Network Rail

We make use of open data feeds from Network Rail. We currently use the following:

  • TRUST (Train Movements)
    Data with respect to train movements and cancellations across the entire network.
  • TD (Train Describer)
    Providing data with respect to train passage through signalling systems.
  • Schedule
    Providing the base schedule information for day to day running.
  • Very Short Term Plan schedules (VSTP)
    When services are disrupted, the VSTP process allows train operating companies to add and amend schedules.

Data feeds provided by Network Rail contain information owned by Network Rail Infrastructure Limited under this licence.

Rail Industry

We work with selected train operators to provide live train lengths, types and allocations. You can find out more at the Know Your Train information page.


We have a number of internal data sources that are applied against external feeds to provide train information. These include:

  • Offsetstore
    Used to generate a network wide mathematical model determining the location of trains and their passage through the network. This system also contains our bespoke mapping tables for application against external signalling data feeds.
  • railgeometry
    Our internal system for holding an overall location map of the network to facilitate calculating operational distances and intermediate passing points.

We also work with selected train operators, preserved or community railways to provide information about their train services. The data feeds used on Realtime Trains are as follows:

  • Realtime Heritage
    Train services operated by Swanage Railway are collected and processed through our Realtime Heritage platform, making use of bespoke GPS tracking units.