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Using the menu on the left, you can search for trains up to 7 days in the past and 180 days in the future. Timetables may not be accurate more than 84 days in advance for public passenger trains.

If you're looking for timings on freight trains or railtours, timings may not be available until a few days before departure.


You can select the location you wish to view, you'll need to know its name or the three letter CRS code. You may also filter in order to view only services operated by a specific operator.

You can additionally filter services if they call at other locations en route.

Understanding STP indicators

The railway timetable publication system works by having a base timetable (known as the long term plan) and applying overlays to it (known as the short term plan). By selecting the boxes in the search menu, you can determine what types of services you wish to see. The types are detailed below:

  • WTT - Working TimeTable, the long term plan that trains typically run to.
  • VAR - VARiation, a train that is in the working timetable but has been altered, for instance for engineering works.
  • STP - Short Term Plan, a train that is not normally in the working timetable. This may be a replacement for another service or restarting a service.
  • CAN - CANcellation - a train that is in the working timetable that has been cancelled. This type of schedule would not be shown in media by train companies, and is not a cancelled train in the passenger sense.