About Track Your Train

Track Your Train provides information about the current location, running and forward progress of a train service. It can also tell you what the train is following or what it is waiting for.

On supported services, an additional information panel will appear on train services, in both simple and detailed modes, giving this information.

A brief explanation of the icons is below:

  • Service can proceed en-route as normal
  • Service is likely running at reduced speed, the system may explain why
  • Service is likely approaching or at a red signal
  • Where the train service was last reported at
  • Where the train service is able to currently proceed as far as (detailed mode only)
  • The service that this train service is following, or waiting for

Supported Operators and Routes

Operator Supported Services
Greater Anglia
London Liverpool Street to Norwich
London Liverpool Street to Southend Victoria
London Overground
London Liverpool Street to Chingford (only)
TfL Rail
London Liverpool Street to Shenfield

This service will support any service operating along the line of route listed above. For example, London Liverpool Street to Norwich includes services from London to Ipswich.

If an operator, route or service is not listed, then we do not currently support it.

Station Features

At some stations, Track Your Train will be able to provide more information for trains originating at that station. This includes the messages "preparing to depart" and "ready to depart" that can appear on train services.

The supported stations are as follows:

Area Stations
Essex Shenfield, Southend Victoria, Wickford, Witham
London Terminals Liverpool Street
Greater London Chingford


Track Your Train uses data at a low level from signalling, and other, systems. It uses this data to infer train progress and status. A substantial amount of data is consumed in the Track Your Train processing engine and, sometimes, small portions of this data may be unavailable resulting in inaccurate outputs.

From time to time, this data we have available may not truly represent progress. We have put in place mitigations against these problems but cannot guarantee accuracy at all times.