About Know Your Train

Know Your Train is our way of helping you become more familiar with the railway network and be more confident when travelling.

It shows diagrams of the trains operating on a service, together with the facilities available onboard, to help you be informed and know what to expect when travelling by train.

Supported Operators

Operator Train Types KYT Allox
Passenger Operators
Avanti West Coast All
c2c All
Caledonian Sleeper All
CrossCountry All
Island Line All
LNER All [2]
Northern All
ScotRail All
South Western Railway All
Transport for Wales All
TransPennine Express All
Heritage Railways
Swanage Railway All
Freight & Charter Operators
GB Railfreight All
Locomotive Services All
  1. Caledonian Sleeper services hauled by anything other than class 66, 73 or 92 locomotives will not be drawn
  2. From time to time, the locomotive on an LNER 'Electric train' service will not be available
  3. If an operator is not listed, then we do not have any support for their services for either Know Your Train or displaying train allocations.

Available Facilities

Below is a list of the train facilities that we will display as being available onboard a train service.

Train Facilities
  • Bicycle spaces
  • Accessible space
  • Toilets
  • Air Conditioning
Coach facilities
  • Bicycle spaces
  • Accessible space
  • Buffet car
  • Quiet coach
  • Sleeper car
  • First class
  • Luggage storage
On-board power and connectivity
  • WiFi (wireless internet access)
  • Power sockets, not guaranteed at every seat
  • USB sockets (USB type A)
  • Entertainment (over WiFi)

If a facility is shown below a particular coach, or group of coaches, then it is only available in those coaches.


Know Your Train currently does not currently identify where trains divide en route and where each portion goes. It instead represents the trains formation at the point in time at that station.

  • All operators: Changes in train formation or allocation may be delayed by up to two hours due to a delay in upstream systems.
  • c2c: Services will show rolling stock in numerical order so, while the rolling stock composing the service should be correct, the ordering may be inaccurate.
  • CrossCountry: Services from Bournemouth or Southampton may, from time to time, show coach letters in the incorrect order. This is being currently being resolved.
  • CrossCountry, Northern and Transport for Wales: Some services may not receive any information due to a limitation in upstream systems. This will likely change day to day as specific pieces of rolling stock move around the network and operate on different routes.
  • South Western Railway and Island Line: Rolling stock has a default orientation applied where possible, so train services may not be the correct way around on arrival at stations. Coach facilities are applied where it is unambiguous.
  • Transpennine Express: Rolling stock orientation information is unreliable for train services and, as a result, coach letters are suppressed from display.