About Know Your Train

Know Your Train is our way of helping you become more familiar with the railway network and be more confident when travelling.

It shows pictorial diagrams of trains together with the facilities available onboard to help you be informed and know what to expect when travelling by train.

Our work with Know Your Train has also enabled us to show train allocations in our detailed mode for operators where we are otherwise unable to show the diagrams.

Supported Operators

Operator Train Types Know Your Train Train Allocation
Caledonian Sleeper All
LNER 800, 801 (Azuma), Electric (IC225)
ScotRail 156, 158, 170, 318, 320, 334, 380, 385
Inter7City HST
GB Railfreight All

If an operator is not listed, then we do not have any support for their services for either Know Your Train or displaying train allocations.


Know Your Train currently does not support services where:

  • the train reverses en-route
  • the train divides or gains coaches en-route, including where the dividing portion of the train goes out of service