Feeds Status

This page shows the latest status, updated every minute, of the data feeds that are used on Realtime Trains. More information is available on the sources that Realtime Trains uses on our data sources page.

A feed is marked with a tick if a message has been received within the last five minutes for real-time data feeds, or an update processed in the last day for static data feeds.

System services

Core Processor
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Real-time Data Feeds

NR - Train Movement
NR - Train Describer
NR - VSTP Schedules
NR - CIF Schedules
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NR Train Describer

Network Rail's Train Describer feed has data originating from multiple areas. From time to time, a particular area may become unavailable without the entire feed going down. This status information is intended to provide greater information about these outages.

TD areas that have been active within the last seven days, and since the last restart of the processor, are listed. If a tick is displayed, a C class data message has been seen from the area in the last five minutes.

Some areas do not broadcast "CT" messages which can act as a heartbeat. This means that some areas may be shown as down during periods of little to no rail traffic.

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